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The Goal of The Lost Creek Guide is to help promote the people, politics, and culture that reflect the rural areas we serve. You might say, “It’s about who we are – a celebration of our differences and our similarities!” Each community within our region has it’s own unique culture, yet they face many similar issues. There are articles in every issue written specifically to promote our communities in a positive and informed manner. We encourage our readers to take advantage of the local services and products offered in their areas. We strive to illustrate to our readers that their local retailers are sources of expert services and products.

The Lost Creek Guide has been in business for eight years. We are locally owned and operated. Our staff consists of people with a variety of talents. We provide a well-rounded range of content in our publication, making the stories interesting and desirable.The paper is printed bi-monthly, on the 1st and 15th, and is sent to homes and businesses in South Weld County, Morgan County, and rural Adams County. We distribute to over 15,000 residential and business addresses on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Our special editions (focused on Agriculture, and Oil & Gas) are distributed to over 40,000 residential and business addresses in Northeast Colorado five times per year. Our paper is read by a community of avid supporters of their local businesses, communities, and local economy.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on our blog as we try to stimulate thought, as that helps make us all grow.

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Check out these photos from the SEWC Fair, courtesy of Lexis Means! Feel free to like, share, and tag these photos. Make sure to read the upcoming Lost Creek Guide to see many more photos of the fair and related events! ... See MoreSee Less

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Brutal Arrest of Red Fawn The Planted Gun

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For the digital warriors out there, I could use some help.

The shoulder emblem (or patch) on two of the officers in black at the arrest of Red Fawn (Oct 27, 2016) resembles the logo of H.E. Security.

I am looking for confirmation in the way of better resolution picture or police affidavits.

The officers in black were in the front line at the beginning of the video "Red Fawn Illegal Arrest" by Boku Napoli. There was a statement from Morton County that they were not involved with the arrest, which included officers from Leighton Security and H. E. Security, who were supervised by TigerSwan.

I am gathering this information for another video regarding the brutal arrest of Red Fawn.

(I don't see the black backpack on his left leg when he limps away from Red Fawn's face.)
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Brutal Arrest of Red Fawn The BackPack

On Oct. 27th, 2016 the police raided the 1851 Treaty Camp near Standing Rock, ND. Officers targeted Red Fawn Fallis, tackled her, and threw her to the ground. While she was pinned to the ground, shots were fired.

This video shows how the backpack could have been used to fabricate evidence.

According to sworn police affidavits, officers say Red Fawn fired shots at them with a gun in her left hand. This video also shows an empty left hand immediately after shots were fired.

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Brutal Arrest of Red Fawn - The Empty Hand

Frame by frame review of the brutal arrest of Red Fawn of Denver to show the empty hand seconds before shots are fired.

On Oct. 27th ,2016 the police raided the 1851 Treaty Camp. Grandmothers and grandfathers and youth were pulled out of sacred sweat lodges, old and precious teepees were destroyed, along with holy ceremonial items such as the chanupa, our sacred ceremonial pipe.

More than 140 people were arrested that day. Bail was raised from $200 to $1,500 for each. All have been released except, Red Fawn. Her bail is set for $110k. That day, Red Fawn was serving as a trained medic. She was helping injured water protectors who had been sprayed with mace and hit by rubber bullets. As Red Fawn retreated from the front lines, three officers targeted, tackled and threw her to the ground. One officer pulled his weapon and placed it against her back . While she was pinned to the ground, shots were fired.

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A FRIEND OF MINE WROTE THIS AS IT IS SO TRUE, I would love for you to share it.
SO yeah here goes what will probably be a not so popular post but I feel the need to say it.
The past 2 nights the temperatures around the area have fallen into the negative numbers very early. I sat home listening to the Police radio as officers all over the Boulder County Area were dispatched on Welfare checks to check on the homeless sleeping out side.
Time after time they would ask for a shelter and they were all full. 100's of churches sitting around Boulder County yet no were to take a homeless family stuck outside, in their car in -10-degree weather. No room for the man sleeping in a dumpster behind JC Penny on Hover, and the list goes on and on and on.
We as Christians should be ashamed!! Oh we want to talk about the Joy of the season, we want to talk about the love of Christ but we forgot how to show it. I heard on Church, Heart of Longmont and One in Boulder that opened up for shelters. Where were the rest. Where are the mega churches like Flat Irons, Life Bridge, Where are the big churches like mine Calvary Bible, and all the other churches. Oh that's right, many were home nice and warm in their million dollar homes, wrapping hundreds of dollars in gifts not even thinking about those struggling. We are giving away money to missionaries, or buying 3 local families 20,000 worth of appliances while others suffer.
You want to know why churches are losing people, you want to know how to use all that tithe money from your congregation? Stop paying almost triple digit salaries to your staff and start meeting the needs of people like Jesus did. There is ZERO reason churches could not have opened their doors on these cold nights to help. It's time to wake up churches, get out of your comfort zones and do something about it. In reality, it only takes a small disaster or change of events before we all could be the next person living on the streets.
"For as much as you have done it to the least of my brethren, you have done it on to me"
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